Those of you who chose to submit your responses to the Amber Valley Council’s Core Strategy on-line would no doubt have encountered major problems with dead links, un-navigable web site links and web site crashes. As far as Kedleston Voice can ascertain these problems had been on-going since the 11th of August.

Kedleston Voice on your behalf complained to the Regional Planning Officer and the Leader of the Council about the impingement of your rights to reply, this complaint was also echoed by Pauline Latham MP. The crux of our complaint was that the consultation period should either be declared null and void and recommenced or at the very least extended.

Unfortunately, this all fell on deaf ears. Where are we at now? We are investigating the possibility of an official complaint in relation to Amber Valley’s non-conformity to process. This complaint will be submitted to the Local Government Ombudsman, moreover, if you feel strongly enough you can submit your own complaint in relation to the impingement of your democratic rights. Should you wish to do so please follow the link below for guidance on how to complain. www.lgo.org.uk/making-a-complaint/

If you choose to make this complaint, please BCC Kedleston Voice so that we can keep track of complaints made.


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