Kedleston Voice: Our Next Move

There will be a special meeting of Full Council on 15th October at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ripley to discuss the Core Strategy. The maximum number of people allowed in the public gallery will be a mere 25. A maximum of 20 people will be permitted to speak with only one objecting speaker per each of the 14 sites within the Core Strategy.

Kedleston Voice consider AVBC to be hindering the democratic rights of their electorate by imposing these underhand autocratic measures. Therefore it is Kedleston Voices intention to picket the Town Hall to raise our objections at once again not being allowed to attend a public meeting.

We would welcome as many residents as possible to also attend.

In the meantime we are expecting Catesby Estates Limited to submit a planning application during the next couple of weeks. When this happens we will have just 21 days to submit our objections. The planning application will be available online under AVBC Planning where under the comments tab you will find an online form to make your objections.

Kedleston Voice will be holding another Residents Forum where assistance will be given to register comments. The date for this will be arranged as soon as the planning application has been submitted.

Please keep visiting our site to keep up to date.


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