KV Urge Residents to Respond to the Inspectorate

Following AVBC’s refusal of their outline planning application on 6th July 2015, Catesby Estates has lodged an appeal regarding this decision.

Their appeal was accepted as being a valid by the Planning Inspectorate on the 24th September 2015 and this has been given the reference number APP/M1005/W/15/3132791. This should be quoted in all correspondence to the Planning Inspectorate.

It has been agreed that the appeal will be determined after a Public Inquiry has been held. This is likely to take place in Ripley in the spring of 2016. Both the date and the venue have yet to be agreed.

Currently there are two parties taking part in the Inquiry.

  • Catesby, who appears to have assembled a significant number of expert witnesses who will give evidence in support of the proposal. Their case is expected to be led by a leading barrister.

  • AVBC will be defending the decision to refuse the application, possibly using their own staff and almost certainly using a barrister.

All the comments made in response to the application need to be sent to the Planning Inspector before the Inquiry takes place.

Residents are able to make their points directly to the Planning Inspectorate. KV is encouraging residents to do this in order to demonstrate the strength of feeling against this application for planning permission.

Comments have to be with the Planning Inspectorate no later than Thursday 5th November 2015. Comments should be sent by e-mail to Callan.Burchell@pins.gov.uk.

If you do not have access to the internet, three copies of your points have to be sent by post to Callan Burchell, The Planning Inspectorate, Room3/26, Hawk King, Temple Quay House, 2, The Square, Bristol,.BS1 6PN.

KV does not want to let Catesby succeed just because they have the resources to employ professionals who specialise in this sort of work for their living. We have managed to fight this proposal so far with your help and the unpaid efforts of our volunteers. Our arguments are sound but we need to put them across effectively at the Inquiry.

The funds raised so far have allowed us to appoint an experienced barrister who specialises in this type of work, from a leading Chambers in Birmingham. He has already provided us with good advice, part of which is that we to need to employ some experts to support and complement the position adopted by AVBC as well as to counter what Catesby’s professionals will be suggest.

KV will shortly be applying for “Rule 6 status” in order to allow our barrister and experts to appear at the Inquiry on an equal footing to AVBC and Catesby. We are convinced that this is necessary to allow the concerns of our supporters to be aired fully.

Unfortunately, taking part in an Inquiry is expensive. Our target of raising £30,000.00 is realistic and we are half way there. We now just need the other half. KV now asks you donate generously and quickly in order to help ensure the Inquiry rules in our favour.

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