AVBC Withdraw Core Strategy

Amber Valley Borough Council have decided to withdraw examination of the local plan, which was scheduled to take place this week with planning inspector Roy foster. Kedleston Voice would have been represented at these meeting, which have now been cancelled.

During the past week or so, several developers have been criticising the AVBC deliverable housing figures and due to several factors, for example some lapsed planning applications and developers with planning permission delaying their building programmes, it became clear that AVBC would not be able to justify the figures they were relying on to prove the 5 year plan. It appears overall there would be a shortfall of a few hundred houses.

Further information is available on the council’s website:


What does this mean for Kedleston Voice?

Basically we continue fighting on both fronts, but the appeal will now be first. If successful, we then respond to the renewed Core Strategy consultation. The most important consequence for us is that the appeal will be heard in the context of AVBC not having a 5 year housing supply plan. The NPPF says that there is a presumption in favour of any proposed ‘sustainable’ development where there is no 5 year plan. Catesby say their proposal is sustainable. We are arguing the site is not sustainable for all the reasons we have discussed, which of course is mostly based on heritage grounds.

Kedleston Voice are prepared for this scenario, and remain resolute. We will be well represented at the appeal, which is anticipated summer 2016.

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