Catesby Submit Application for 195 Houses Too Many

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You will have heard through media reports that there has been a second application to build by Catesby Estates – this time for 195 houses. This is a completely separate application from the original and was always anticipated. Kedleston Voice was expecting this and it is a sign of Catesby Estates’ insecurity over their forthcoming appeal against the rejected application. In reality this is the same application by stealth. Should this new application succeed it can be assumed a further application will be made by Catesby at a later date to succeed with their original plan of 450 houses. As we all agree, one house is too many in this beautiful heritage setting.

Public Meeting

Amber Valley planning department have called another public meeting, on Thursday 28th January at Woodlands School, commencing at 4 pm. This will provide a detailed view and pose any questions regarding this new application.

The rejection of the original application shows we can make the difference. We can succeed again with this application but need your support. Kedleston Voice will be at the meeting to give you information on how to object. Your objections need to be with AVBC by the 7 of February. If you are unable to attend, and wish to object please visit Kedleston voice web site where you will find a template of the objection form to download and send AVBC.

Those who wish to take our heritage for profit are banking on our resolve dwindling and our protests fading, we still need to make our voices heard!

Kedleston Voice is resolute and will continue with the campaign. With your backing we can continue to protect this land for future generations.

Please Download your objection form here!

Keep the faith!

You may all be feeling saturated and frustrated with planning by now but remember that first meeting at the British Legion in 2014; that was the beginning of Catesby’s problems and we have thwarted them ever since.

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