This is the last chance to make a difference

If you can help, you need to do so in the next 2 weeks…

Residents have responded magnificently to our requests for financial support to fight this proposed development. Through your donations, we have been able to instruct a barrister as well as a number of experts, to act on your behalf.

Funds provided to date allow us to be represented at the now co-joined Public Inquiry, due to start on 19 July 2016 and covering both the refused application for 400 houses and the further one for 195 houses. This Inquiry will last 8 days.

This Inquiry is the moment of truth. Our representation and performance at the Inquiry will determine the fate of the land.

However, there is further expert opinion that we and our barrister would like to present to enhance our case. This will cover areas such as transport, where we know that the developer’s modelling is flawed and that Derby City, as consultees, are in denial regarding its severity.

You only need to try to travel into Derby at rush hour to know how congested Kedleston Road is now. Imagine what it will be like with these extra houses. An expert will use this to help further sway the Inspector regarding the weighting towards refusal. Sadly, we do not have the funding to contract this expertise.

To cover this and other areas of expertise, we need to raise a further £10,000. We are appealing for anyone able to give more or give for the first time to do so now whilst it really counts.

Let’s make our representation at this Inquiry count – it is what the community has been working towards for all these months.

To donate, please CLICK HERE

Thank you for your help and continued support

Kedleston Voice

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