Well Done, We did it!!

From Kedleston Voice

Dear Kedleston Voice Supporter,

Well Done and Thank You for your support!

We have now raised enough funds to pay for the barrister and expert opinions for the conjoined appeal taking place over 2 weeks from 19th July.

Whether you have: donated; had yellow signs in your garden; delivered leaflets; signed our petition; attended meetings or written objection letters, you have played a vital role in this campaign.

We would not be in this position without your sustained support.

We are now focussed on the 8 days of the Public Inquiry where the Inspector will consider the 2 planning applications.

Our specialist committee will continue to work closely with our barristers and experts to put together a robust case. This is a culmination of 2 years of hard work which we hope will lead to the outcome we all want.

We should all be proud of our community spirit and what we have achieved so far.

We will continue to keep you updated.

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