Anticipated Structure of Inquiry

The appointed Inspector, Mr John L Gray, has given some preliminary indications on the way he sees the

Inquiry being run. Obviously nothing will be finalised until the Inquiry is opened at 10.00 on Tuesday 19th July 2016 but this is how things stand on the 13th July.

Please remember that if you wish to speak you must attend the first session to register your intention to do so on one of the days of the Inquiry.

Mr Gray is following the normal procedure for Inquiries in that Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) will start giving evidence followed by Kedleston Voice (KV) and then Catesby. So the line-up is likely to be:

Tuesday 19th Mr Gray opens the Inquiry, sets out what he considers the main issues to be and asks if any members of the public wish to speak. The barristers for each of the three main parties make opening statements. Mr Gray makes arrangements for the site visit. Then AVBC puts its witnesses forward to make the case for refusing the application. They are:

David Hickie on landscape

Mel Morris on heritage

Derek Stafford on planning.

The presentation of evidence and subsequent cross-examination is likely to take at least until the end of the afternoon session on Wednesday 20th.

If that is the case then the KV witnesses will start giving evidence on Thursday 21st and complete on the Friday. They are:

Christopher Gallagher on historic landscape

Stephen Levrant on heritage

Neil Benison on transport

Peter Steer on surface water, foul water and the T-junction access to Kedleston Road

At the moment it looks as though residents may be asked to make their statements on Tuesday 26th when the Inquiry continues at 10.00 but Mr Gray will try to make arrangements for a different time if that is not convenient for a particular resident.

Then Catesby presents its case for the two applications to be approved using the following witnesses:

Duncan McInerney on landscape

Andrew Crutchley on heritage

Keith Fenwick on planning

Mr Gray considers this session may be over by the end of Thursday afternoon. If this is the case then Friday 29th July will be used for the discussion about potential conditions and the 106 Obligations followed by closing statements from the three barristers.

KV will be represented at the Inquiry every day and will use this web page to keep residents informed as the Inquiry progresses.

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