Residents Eagerly Await Outcome

Allestree and Quarndon Residents Eagerly Await the Outcome of the Kedleston Road Planning Inquiry

The long awaited Public Inquiry that will decide the fate of the heritage land adjacent to Kedleston Road in Allestree commences tomorrow (19 July 2016) at the Alfreton Leisure Centre.

The inquiry follows the refusal of outline planning permission to build 400 houses on the historic setting of Kedleston Hall by Amber Valley Borough Council. This decision was welcomed by many residents of Allestree and Quarndon who have come together under the banner of Kedleston Voice. Residents have been campaigning for two years to stop the proposed harm to this important landscape setting and protect it for generations to come.

Residents have raised nearly £40,000 to allow their voice to be heard directly at the inquiry, as a Rule 6 party. The inquiry will last approximately eight days over this and next week. It will review a range of issues with the proposed development including the harm the landscape setting, the impact on the local community and the feasibility of the proposals being suggested.

Residents and their expert representatives remain very confident that the decision by Amber Valley Borough Council to refuse planning permission will be upheld by the Planning Inspector. Kedleston Voice believes that they and the Council have a strong case for this appeal to be refused. This is based on earlier refusal decisions made by the Planning Inspectorate linked to similar proposals involving historic settings.

David Anderson, Chair of Kedleston Voice and an Allestree resident, said: “This is the moment that residents have been waiting more than two years for. We have been delighted that Amber Valley Borough Council has refused applications to build houses on this important landscape and appear to want to see it protected for the foreseeable future. Residents believe we have a strong argument to present to the Inspector and are confident that he will uphold the decisions to refuse planning permission taken by Amber Valley in the last year”.

Isobel Shorrock, a resident of Quarndon and Kedleston Voice supporter, said “Residents are very concerned about the proposal for development on these fields. Not only will the heritage landscape be lost for future generations, the impact on the community will be very negative. Residents see longer traffic queues, increased flooding risk, over-subscribed schools and greater pressure of amenities if this development is allowed to go ahead. The proposals are just not sustainable and residents trust that the Inspector will rule in favour of continued refusal of planning permission on this site. Given this happens, we would expect Amber Valley Borough Council to move quickly to protect this land for the future enjoyment and benefit of residents of Derby”.

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