The Inquiry Programme

The Inquiry Programme.

Wednesday 20th July

The Inquiry will resume at 9.30 am. First on the witness stand will be Amber Valley’s conservation specialist Mel Morris who is part way through cross examination by Catesby’s QC Rupert Warren.

Then there will be Derek Stafford speaking on planning for the Borough Council.

At some time during the afternoon our barrister specialising in Heritage matters, Jack Smyth, will be able to put our first witness forward. That will be Christopher Gallagher who is our landscape witness who has been involved in the production of a management plan for Kedleston Hall amongst many other important projects.

Thursday 21st July

Christopher Gallagher may still be on the witness stand initially at 9.30

Our second witness will be Stephen Levrant who has been involved in many important heritage projects.

Then our very own Peter Steer will be presenting three proofs of evidence about the construction of the T-junction, foul drainage and surface water. He is likely to be assisted by our second barrister Nina Pindham.

Friday 22nd July

The final witness for Kedleston Voice will be Neil Benison our highways expert. He too will be assisted by Nina.

Tuesday 26th July.

This is back to a 10.00 am start with a session for the five local residents who have indicated that they wish to make representations to the Inspector, Mr Gray. It is still possible for other residents to let the Inspector know that they wish to speak.

Later that day and possibly up until Thursday it will be the turn of the Catesby witnesses to speak and be cross examined by Nina and the Council’s barrister Jonathan Mitchell.

Friday 29th July

The final day of the Inquiry will be concerned with a discussion about conditions and 106 Obligations to be imposed if the Inspector decides he is going to allow the appeal. It may then take several months for a decision to be taken and issued.

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