KV Proceed to Judicial Review

Kedleston Voice (KV) has had to face up to making some difficult decisions, given the position residents were left in following the appalling decision made by the Planning Inspector. It has made the first one, and decided to request a Judicial Review of the Inspector’s decision. Papers have now been filed in the High Court, just in time for the deadline.

A Judicial Review (JR) gives residents a chance of getting the Inspector’s decision to allow 400 houses to be built to be reversed. There is no guarantee of success. However, if we do nothing the 400 houses will be built and the nightmare of traffic, lack of infrastructure, loss of open space etc. will change our environment forever.

We made the decision based on the advice of our barrister and the strength of the financial support we have received since the Inquiry result.

Costs have already been incurred as we have had to take further legal advice and there are costs associated with the filing. KV members are bearing some of the financial burden but if we are to see this through the whole community must give funds.

Our legal advice is we have an arguable case likely to be of national importance. These arguments will never be objectively scrutinised if we do not make this application. Sometimes it takes a local community, such as ours, to stand and be counted in order to get a decision or law corrected.

Many important cases that now form part of our rights were originally based on such circumstances. These rights would likely never have happened without communities like ours, who show they care by doing more than just moaning when it is too late.

To put it into perspective, If everyone on our database gave at least £30, we will easily have enough money to fight this case. Please donate this funding to support our last opportunity to protect this land from development.

If you wish to give a larger donation but want to discuss it further we will be happy to visit you at home.

There are stages to the JR process and how far we go will depend on money raised. At each stage we will not proceed without the necessary advance funding. We will have to call a halt if funds are not available.

If you want us to fight this it is vital you engage and pledge whatever you can afford. We have the next 4 weeks to gauge the level of support – if it is not there the process may have to be terminated and the development will go ahead unchecked.

At the moment we need to raise £10,000 by 24th October, we already have almost half pledged by email.

Information on how to donate is given below:

Direct bank transfer

Account Name: Kedleston Voice

Sort Code: 01-02-66

Account Number: 25485865


Or you can simply send a cheque to our accountants made payable to 'Kedleston Voice'. Please make sure you clearly state your name, address and email address on the cheque so we know how to contact you.

Alan Butler & Co

Chartered Certified Accountants

12 Darley Abbey Mills


DE22 1DZ

Tel: 0133

You may want to know more about the procedure and the strategies. If so, please feel free to get in touch at Info@kedlestonvoice.com or ring Isobel on 07931 770238 to arrange for someone from KV to give you more detail. You could also drop a note to Isobel at 70 Burley Lane or to Alan Butler at his Darley Abbey address.

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