Kedleston Voice has filed for Statutory Review

We have enough funds for the first stage of the process. We are challenging the Inspector's interpretation of setting which led him to conclude that the site of the application is not in the setting of Kedleston Hall. This goes against the definition of setting as defined by Historic England.

Historic England has issued a witness statement in support of our application.

We are now waiting to hear if we have permission to proceed to Judicial Review. We will have more news towards the end of November.

We know that people have questions and will want to understand the process and the need for funds. We have therefore booked Woodlands School lecture theatre for meetings on:

SATURDAY 3rd DEC 10am - 11.30am

TUESDAY 6th DEC 7pm - 8.30pm.

There are many pending decisions and strategies in the pipeline and we will be in a position to inform you of the outcomes at these meetings. We would encourage as many of you as possible to come and talk over this massive local issue. If we do not pull together the development will go ahead and our environment and heritage will change forever.

If the decision is scrutinised objectively in court there is a chance it will be overturned.

Sometimes it takes ordinary, passionate and focused people to challenge and change an injustice.

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