Update on Statutory Review

Both our recent community meetings were well attended – thank you to those who joined us. This update is to confirm and share what was covered.

There were lots of questions and discussion; people seemed to appreciate gaining an understanding of the progress made and of the need for further funds to support this progress. We collected donations at the meetings and further money came in afterwards. We now have around £7000, which is a fantastic start – thank you! Our goal is £20,000, which should cover us for all eventualities.

You may recall that for legal reasons the case is proceeding in the name of Peter Steer, a member of the KV committee. All the funds we raise are being used to pay the legal costs incurred in progressing Peter’s case and to cover any liability that might arise. We will soon be publishing accounts to make it clear how funds have been used. It is important to note here that the KV committee members and KV supporters are all concerned volunteers who have freely donated considerable time and effort to protecting Kedleston Hall. We simply would not have made such progress without them – so a huge thanks to you all!

Our concerns about the inspector’s decision and its potential effect on the setting of Kedleston Hall are now more than just a local issue. During the application stage of the case Historic England sought, and were granted, permission to join the case as an ‘interested party’. This was because it appears the inspector did not follow the correct definition of a heritage setting, a definition written by Historic England! The outcome of our case will now likely have an effect on any planning applications involving other heritage assets throughout the country.

We are in the strongest position we could hope for at this time. So the £20,000 we need has the potential to make a real difference for us and for our Nation’s irreplaceable heritage.

We need these additional funds to pay again for the time of our barrister and additionally for our solicitor, who is a Statutory Review specialist specifically instructed to prepare and support the case in the High Court. They have processed much information to get us to this point and have agreed to work at a reduced cost for us. We already have a third of the amount needed and if everyone gives the amount they can afford we are confident we will get there. You have done it before.

Now is the time to give something that will make the difference.

Please share this update widely in the community. We have become aware that people who are not in the loop, as you are, think that it’s a done deal and the bulldozers will soon visit those wonderful fields. This is not the case and we need to make the campaign live again.

Kedleston Voice is planning to put up signs, send out messages of fundraising progress and to raise the profile at a National level.

Thank you for all your support. Please spread the word.

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