Miller Homes Request to amend the Reserved Matters and Planning Conditions

Dear Kedleston Voice supporter,

If you objected to the proposed development on Kedleston Road, you may recently have received a further letter from AVBC relating to an application for the variation of conditions 2 (approved plans), 3 (materials), 4 (solar gain plan) and 12 (boundary treatment) of application AVA/2019/0573 in order to amend the approved scheme for the reserved matters. Unhelpfully, they have changed the planning number again, this time to AVA/2019/1135.

We now know that Miller Homes have taken responsibility for the delivery of this site, as they are the applicant. Our friends at Catesby have taken their money and “fled the scene of the crime”, leaving the residents to deal with the consequences. It is also sad that a respectable building company, whose East Midlands base is in Derby, is prepared to destroy a heritage setting that for so many years was protected from this type of development. I guess, as a company with national parents, they just don’t care.

If you want to see that application, you can view it at utilising the reference number AVA/2019/1135. The main document to read is the Design Compliance Statement, document 987924. This shows the before and after proposals.

KV have reviewed these changes. In truth, they are relatively minor and, given the previous application was passed by the planning committee despite being unsustainable and containing major flaws, it is unlikely that the Council will reject this.

In objecting, KV will draw attention to the changes in housing profile linked to roof height and the possible impact on the setting of Kedleston Hall. However, we will not be repeating previously failed arguments. Our fight must continue related to other planning conditions and the developer’s compliance with these.

Please feel free to object as you see fit. We are also happy to respond to any specific questions you have.

Kind regards

Kedleston Voice

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